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73 Eldorado questions


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I looked at a 73 Eldorado on Sunday. It seems to run and drive well, the body is decent with no rust but a cheap paint job many years ago. Upholstery very weathered, seam at driver's shoulder split, small hole lower down on driver's seat. Odometer shows 05000 miles I assume 105000. What I need advice on is certain repairs it needs, and what they may cost

1) Exhaust system, very noisy did not look underneath. Local muffler shop says parts are not available, everything will have to be made, complete exhaust system $600

2) Convertible top is in rags. What will this cost to replace? Frame is complete and top goes up and down.

3) Tires. I think the modern equivalent to the original L78 15 would be 235/75R15. The local tire store thinks the only tires available in this size are light truck tires. Is there a passenger car tire alternative to the $200+ wide whites from the specialist tire companies?

4) Left rear window seems to have fallen off its tracks. I can hear the motor and see the arms going up and down but no glass. Is this hard to fix?

5) Climate control does not work.

Car is for sale for $4500 but owner will sell for $3000. Includes another complete but very rusty 73 Eldo convertible for parts. I think this is still on the high side considering. It might make a nice driver if you can live with the crumby upholstery and a few other things, I just don't want to sink too much into a car I know will never be more than a decent driver.

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Guest WillingtonCad

The exhaust shop is making a big deal out of 'making' the pipes. A larger shop will only have to program their pipe bending machine to make these. Whether making them for a Pinto or Cadillac, pressing programming codes is all the same. The price for a complete dual exhaust system seems reasonable if installed. Haggle with them, everyone needs the money these days. The scissors tops on these are finicky, but if it works without hanging up, you're good. A top lasts about 10 yrs if left outside and the trick is getting a good trim guy to do it right. Total will probably be about $1k installed. Ask around at cruise nights and car shows and clubs who's good at it. You're correct on the tire size. This size was used on all full size cars of the era through the mid 80s, so getting that size is not a problem. Broadway used to make a ~2" www, but I'll get back to you on this. The quarter window probably has a broken roller or did somehow jump the tracks. Probably an easy fix, as it's only a regulator and tracks. Let me know I have a ton of parts for these cars. Climate control could be anything. In a convertible's later years, the odds of someone fixing the AC as opposed to putting the top down are slim. You'll have to dive in a start troubleshooting. The end game here is whether you like the car or not. If you have to have a '73 Eldo conv, then a rust free body is a good place to start. If you like other years, you're better off since '73 was the perfect storm of years to run from. Gaudy federal mandated safety bumpers, cheaper steel with notoriously bad paint jobs, lethargic detuned smog controlled engines, and the list goes on. I'm not against these cars, it's just '73s were ugly across the board in America. Do a google search and see how many articles were written on this. If you're looking to make money on a conv, you may want to start with a year with more potential. Anywho, a rust free conv. of any year makes the purchase much less painful down the road when it goes to the paint shop. Interiors are easy and if it was perfect, but pink you'd be in the same boat, so no big deal there. $3k seems like a fair price if it's all that. Any lower and things get a bit strange, especially on a car 37 yrs old. Best, Jeff

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I thought it was a decent deal BUT the new top, tires and exhaust plus other repairs to get it on the road could cost $3000. Add that to the $3000 price and we get $6000.

There are enough Eldo convertibles around that I should be able to get one for $6000 that does not have 100,000 miles on it and does have good upholstery and everything else.

Not looking specifically for that model. Was browsing Kijiji ads and it caught my eye. With the top down, it looked great in the photos. The seller said it had 50,000 miles in the ad, which turned out to be 05000.

Thanks for the good info.

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