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1927 chevy 1 ton flat bed? Restore or keep original?

Guest gilman

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Guest gilman

Does any one know about how many of these trucks were made? and how many of these trucks are still around?

This truck is in very nice condition I'd say a 7 out of 10 it is all original.

Is the truck better off being all original or is it good to restore it?

I know with coins it is best to keep them original and don't try to clean them up. So before I do anything to it I am wondering should I keep it all original or go for restore with new paint and some minor body work etc.


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Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum!

I know very little about Chevrolet Trucks at all. I do know, however, that they are only origianl once. If it is in good enough shape to drive.... and it certainly looks like it is... Drive it as is, maintain it, and enjoy it.

You can always restore it sometime down the road if you ever get to the point that you feel that you should. For now, I suggest you join AACA and a local Region and/or Chapter, get involved in the hobby, and enjoy some shows in Historic Preservation of Original Features (HPOF) Class and/or take your truck on some tours. You will find like minded friends in AACA who will be very happy to help you with questions that you have about your nice old truck.

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I can only imagine that old trucks like this found in good original condition are so much more rare that your typical old car.

They were work vehicles that cost the bottom line so they were not "Babied" but rather worked hard. To find a good, functional, clean, working, original truck is a neat find.

The un-restored value may be worth the same than restored depending on condition....

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Guest De Soto Frank

Just from looking at your photo, I would suggest carefully cleaning and preserving what you have there.

It looks darned nice... looks like HPOF material...

I vote to leave it alone; just preserve it.

Would love to see more pics...

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