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I have inherited a 1940 ford sedan. Same family has owned vehicle since it left dealership. Last on road 1960? - last tag year on vehicle. No pic of interior, but all fabric is gone. Has all original parts. What it the value? I am considering my options. I thought this forum might be able to help me.




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Guess estamating a car's value from 3 photos will be a guess only. The best way to value a car is to take the completed value and deduct the cost to restore your car. Look at the completed ebay ad.

Ford : Tudor Sedan: eBay Motors (item 320543981448 end time Jun-15-10 13:13:19 PDT)

If you start at $18,000 and deduct 8,000 to restore the body, 6,000 to pull and rebuild the engine, transaction and clutch. This does not include the radiator, brakes, gas lines, and tires. The interior will run 5 to 6,000. Have not discussed the chrome costs.

The person you are looking for has the ability and desire to do much of the work. You can not make money restoring this car and then selling it. It must be a labor of love.

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