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I am somewhat new to Crosley Pre War motors so I decided to consult with Paul Gorrell, an old hand, on a couple of pieces of info. Since the pre wars are air cooled, I wasn't sure how to tell if one was overheating. The answer was "when the smoke gets thick". When I asked what to do about that, the answer was "drive faster". With that said, I asked about how high to rev one up since I knew that they should not be taken to the levels of the post war engine. I was told "not too fast" . When I asked how I would tell if I have wound one up too far...The answer was "by the pieces"!!!! I now know all i need to know about Crosley Pre War motors.

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Love it. Having known Paul for more years than I should admit to I can hear his side of the conversation.

For those that don't know Paul, he was in one of the American Pickers show talked about this past winter.

YouTube - American Pickers - Super Scooter.mov

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