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ford vaccum booster lubrication

Guest rony

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working of a 1973 F-600 ford dump, replacing the vaccum vbooster that sits under the frame because of a rock hard brake pedal. the new (rebuilt) one says to lubricate it, not plain as to where to put it in, thru the vaccum line some place on the booster but no word on what to use. Any ideas and where to put it in? thanks, Ron

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I'm not familiar with the vacuum booster on your Ford truck, but if it's a slave cylinder operating on the linkage as are many preward Classics, I have one on my 34 Packard and lubricate the cylinder every 15 years or so with Mobil Vacuum Pump oil. I diassemble it and just use enough to insure that the bore and piston seal and well-wetted.

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