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AACA License Plate Topper

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I think that yours is the Pewter one. It is normally $10.00 without any patina. Good luck. Sometimes it is amazing what people will pay on Ebay for something that they can get elsewhere.

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The $5.00 ones advertised on the AACA site are bronze, mine is silver (probably aluminum). Plus, the patina is included at no extra charge!

Actually they advertise it as brass. Your tab looked more that color than "silver" in the photo. Maybe it is because the background is a tan color.

Hopefully you had a great time earning that "free" patina. :D

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Yes, I graduated from SUNY Geneseo. In fact, my daughter attends now... she is beginning her sophomore year this August. Geneseo is an excellent school and an excellent value as well. It is very highly rated, and even though we're out-of-staters the cost is very reasonable.


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