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Large lot of 1897-1910 car parts just listed by me on Ebay!

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Dear Friends: I have just posted 9 items for sale on Ebay,all being interesting parts for cars and motorcycles,from the 1897-1910 period. I can probably deliver all items to Hershey this fall for free. All are posted under the Ebay seller name "Invision2000". Please see auction # 260617912630 which is for a new or NOS 1900-1905 beautiful copper finned,brass radiator. Once on that auction,click on "sellers other auctions' to see the rest of the items. The other items include a set of four 40 spoke wire wheels and hubs,1900-04,possibly for a Curved Dash Olds,three,yes three seats for 1897-1904 gas,steam,or electric cars. One is a spindle seat,and one is a folding seat. All unique.Next we have a dated 1907 in out dog clutch transmission for a car or boat.Then we have a 1900-1910 motorcycle or bicycle large rear hub by the Standard Spoke and Nipple Co. Torrington,Conn,.We also have the frame rails and some side supports for a neat wood body from a 1900-04 car,and a pair of VERY unusual wood doors from a 1900-05 car.All items have an opening price,then are no reserve after that.Questions to me at gnalbright@gmail.com or cell 352 843 1624. Good Luck! George Albright,Ocala,Fla.

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