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1939-1949 Buick First & Reverse Gear

Guest Unikito

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Guest Unikito

This is an NOS 1939-1949 Buick first & reverse sliding gear for your transmission in perfect condition. No broken or cracked teeth. PART NUMBER WT222-12D. TOOTH COUNT IS 31 AND HAS 18 SPLINES, REPLACES OEM # 1319384. FITS 1941-49 60-70 SERIES BUICK CENTURY AND ROADMASTER. I THE HOLLANDER INTERCHANGE MANUAL SAYS IT ALSO FITS, 1941-48 90 SERIES, AND 1940 60-70-80-90 SERIES . It might fit other years but please check. THIS IS A RARE PART AND ITS THE GEAR THAT TAKES ALL OF THE ABUSE, YOUR NOT GOING TO FIND IT AT YOUR LOCAL PARTS STORE! These are hard to find so keep a second one just in case!

I paid $125 +shipping for it only to find out that it will not fit my Roadmaster (still looking for it).

Thanks,<!-- google_ad_section_end -->


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