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Have any 1924-25 Landau Sedans survived?

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Found quite by accident on ebay, this circa 1924-25 Anderson Body Company

brochure is interesting. I'm aware that the Dodge Chassis was preferred by

many coachbuilders, and wonder if any of these handsome sedans have survived?

Built in Rock Hill, SC, this was a last-gasp effort by the Anderson Motor Company (1916-25)

to keep its people working. They had started at the turn of the century as the Rock Hill Buggy Co.,

and built Ford truck bodies as the Rock Hill Body Co. (RHBC) before starting the Anderson car.

Seeing the writing on the wall, this unique Dodge Landau Sedan was crafted near the

Anderson Motor Company's end.

RHBC went on to build special truck bodies like my '55 Chevy Bookmobile until the early-'80's,

when the plant was finally shuttered.











As mentioned above, it's an attractive car for the era, with an angularity that's very appealing,

belying the 116" wheelbase. Does anyone have any more info on these coachbuilt Dodge's;

were they catalogued or just obscure offerings?



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You have the catalog so they must be a catalogued offering. They must have sold some if they stayed in business until the sixties.

Seriously, I should think they were sold mainly in their home region. The one you show resembles a Hudson. This is a compliment as in those days Hudsons were selling against Cadillac. They had a formal sedan with little side lights behind the rear windows that was the Lincoln Continental of its day.

The Dodge sold for half the price of a Hudson. They were a good dependable car but not fancy. I should think a Dodge chassis with a stylish body, for a few dollars more than the stock offering, would have a lot of appeal.

They were probably sold by Dodge dealers and by Anderson in their own showroom. How much ground their sales territory took in is hard to say. All I can suggest is that it was regional but not national.

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You may want to try starting a new thread on removal of the radiators on

'24'25 Dodges, as your question is kind of lost in this thread.

I'm sure you'll get an answer that way.


Based on the limited knowledge I have on the Anderson car, they weren't as regional

as one would expect, but sales were in the can by 1924-'25. The Standard Catalog

lists a couple of Custom Dodges available during the '24-'26 model years,

and I'm curious if this Landau was one of them.

The last photo of the car with a '24 Ohio license plate is apparently from an album/scrapbook

and glued on the back of this brochure, by whom I haven't a clue. It would be really amazing

if one of the Landaus survived, so posting this query is one way to find out.


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