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Has anyone ever gotten one of these KS Fluid gauges to work? I have replaced everything (except for the line) and still no soap. The reason I didn't replace the line is because the replacement line I bought from Bob's doesn't fit. If any of you know where I could get a line that fits and fluid that doesn't turn clear after a month, I'd appreciate it! Any ideas of how to get it to work are welcomed! I wish they never used this type of gauge.........ugh.

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I have both gauges working on my 1930 Mcl Buick and 1928 Packard with kits from Bob's.They are U tube manometers that take the pressure from air bubbles swirled in gas tank to pressure side of U tube. Some U tubes have pieces of metal to dampen signal. These can corrode and plug tube.I had to use battery acid to clear one tube To fill tube to correct level add fluid with line disconnected.You have to use correct fluid because of S.G. different than water.Some fluid does lose its redness . I wonder if a bit of food colour might work.

There can be no plugs or leaks in tube as pressure is only about 12" of water column.Disconnect line at tank and blow lightly to see if level arises in gauge. Be careful as lungs can put out about 100" pressure.Pull sender unit from tank to ensure it is complete and clear.

The gauge level will drop lower when not in use and you will have to drive a block or 2 to build up pressure . These gauges can be made to work and can be quite accurate.


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