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Antique Bikes 4 Sale in Sweden


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There are some seriously interesting antique motorcycles for sale June 11-13 at an auction in Sweden. They're on a 4-hr.-old post on the Buy/Sell Forum, under "Auktion in Sweden" by Leif Holmberg.

After going past the pictures of the old cars, there are at least 10 motorcycles:

HD 1928 1200 w/ sidecar

HD 1942 w/ sidecar

HD 1928 Scout 550

HD 1947 Storsida

plus DKW's, BSA's & Indians

I wish old Leif had let us know about these a little earlier......I don't think anyone in the U.S. is rich enough to fly over & buy them on such short notice*. By the way, the cars and bikes aren't trailer queens, but literally in some wooden barn somewhere in Sweden and in 2nd-rate condition.

*If there is, and you don't want the '28 Harley-Davidson with factory sidecar, I might be interested. I couldn't afford it, but it would be nice to have!

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