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1955 Ford F-100 Bed Board Deduction


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Does anyone know on a 1955 Ford F-100 being judged, how many points are taken if the bed boards are nautral finished, rather than body color or black? :confused:

I have been told that there was a portion on the 55 year that the F-100 trucks were produced with natural finished oak boards.

If this is true, do I need to document it for the next judging event as proof?

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Welcome to: the AACA Discussion Forum. Was your truck in Class 22C at Canandaigua? If so, Great looking truck! (but yes, I think the bed floor is incorrectly finished)

The Judging Guidelines state:

Generally, wood bed floors in pickup trucks

along with associated steel skid strips

and hardware should either be painted

flat black or body color. Generally, metal

bed floors will be painted body color. Any

deviation from these general guidelines

would warrant factory documentation from

the owner.

Incorrect Floor Material/Finish is a mandatory 10 point deduction, as shown on page 57 of the Judging Guidelines.

So, the answer to your question is that the natural finished oak boards are always going to cost you 10 points unless you can produce documentation of it being original.

Factory documentation is accepted without question. Other documentation can be considered, but "someone told me they were made this way" is not sufficient.

If you find the documentation, please also be sure to share it with the VP of Class Judging. If such documentation exists, it should be incorporated into future editions of the Juding Guidelines. I don't think you are going to find it, but if you do please share it.

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Yes that was my youngest daughter and her husbands very first vehicle. They were happy, but I know that Hershey is right around the corner. I am happy that were trying to get more of the younger (non not-rod) generation involved.

Can you tell me if all the hardware in the bed and on the running boards were also painted the color of the truck? At one time was this not considered to be over restoration and points taken were less or not at all? Thanks

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Interesting question. I had my 39 Chevy PU at Canandaigua. I restored it 12 years ago and stained the boards flat back for the meet. The skid strips however are body color. The rule is kind of ambigious as to whether that is correct. Sounds like it's not. Since the truck did achieve it's Junior can I get a copy of my score sheet?.........Bob

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I am not an expert on the issue. (I just happen to have been one of the judges in that class at Canandaigua.)

I would suggest that they do some research to find out how Ford did it originally, redo the floor to match the original method and hang on to the documentation in case there is ever a question about it.


According to the judging guidelines:

"Vehicle owners competing for

but not receiving a First Junior, Senior,

AGNM 1st, or AGNM Senior award may

request, in writing, judging information

from the VP – Class Judging that would

indicate why the award was not given."

Now that I have reassured myself that the judging guidelines still indicate that you can't get that information because you received the award you were going for, I will tell you that I think they must plan to change the wording in the judging guidelines.

I do know that Herb Oakes, the VP of Class Judging, has said that they have changed the policy on that and I know people who have requested and received information from Herb even though they got the award they were seeking. So, yes you can write Herb and ask for information about what area that points were deducted in on your truck.

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