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Parting complete1956 46-R--What do you need


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Considering abandoning my restoration and parting 1956 Special 2-dr hardtop in NE Texas if there is enough interest. Most chrome replated (taillight bezels, bumpers, mouseholes, dash bezel), good glass, rebuilt Dynaflow, rebuilt radio, seats reupholstered with NOS (blue) cloth/vinyl. Excellent body but rusted floorpan due to water leak (have used replacement pan), good blue door panels (one is NOS & not cheap). 322 V-8, no power accessories whatsoever. Excellent fenders, doors, trunk lid, hood, grille, side trim, www tires, wheels. I have $4500 in the car, so parts prices will be fair but firm. Rebuilt engine has sticky valves, worn distributor. $4750 for entire car (needs paint badly), or let me know what parts you need. Pete Phillips, BCA#7338, Ector, TX. pphillips@netexas.net

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i need the stainless pieces that go on right behind the doors for both sides also need the drivers side door peice,and depending on price i would like to replace the two peices that go over the fenders(rear)i`m assuming these are the same as the trim for a two door century?model 66r the trim code is 64s

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