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Post some pics of your Rivieras!!!!!!!!!!


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  • 2 weeks later...

I was invited to visit fellow ROA member Eric M., who lives in Clayton, NC, at his father Tony's home in Coats, NC today. Both Eric and Tony own 66 Riviera GS's. Eric's is silver and is mostly stock. Tony's is a resto-mod with a 425 and dual quad Edelbrock carbs. His Riv has a custom black and orange paint job, to include black bumpers. 


This may be the closest I come to a Riviera Owners Association annual meet this year. 😋


Tony lives on a beautiful wooded lot that lent itself to some good pictures in the late Spring sunshine. 




Tony and his custom 66:





Eric and his mostly stock 66 GS:





And, of course, The Aqua Zephyr was in on the picture action, also. 



Tony also owns a 54 Buick Roadmaster Riviera resto-mod that is gorgeous! 



Another couple of Riviera group shots:




A little video that I put together from today's Buick Riviera get together with @ansuin93


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26 minutes ago, RivNut said:

As much as you can tell me. Roadmaster or Super, original 322 or ?, other mods? Looks like a kool Kemp in which to do some kruizing.  

The owner says that this Roadmaster Riviera has its original V8 engine. That's all I know about it. 

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2 minutes ago, ASUIN93 said:

322 Nailhead, two speed auto. Power windows, seats.

322 w/ four barrel carb if it's a Roadmaster.  Dynaflow transmission.  Transmission shift indicator may have D and L on the shifter quadrant but it's a torque multiplying transmission - about 5 or so torque converters.  No shifts between 0 and top end. Low, according to the chassis manual, L is for getting the car out of mud, sand, or other situations where a constant lower gear is needed. You can't do that in Drive in a Dynaflow.  You can compare the Dynaflow to today's constant velocity transmissions. 


I drove a 55 Century, white with red interior, to high school.  Really nice car.  It was the "crowd's choice" for the long trips to out of town basketball games and getting as many as possible into the drive in theater.  The Century had the smaller body like the Special, but the bigger engine of the Roadmaster.  Buick's "hot rod."  Back in the late 30's Buick added the Century name to it's lineup.  Century = 100.  Buicks way of telling the public that this car had a top end over 100 mph, even back in the 30's.


Kind of like this picture that I found on Google. 'Cept mine didn't have the wide whites.  54 - 57 Buicks make great mild customs.  


1955 BUICK CENTURY 2 DOOR HARDTOP - Side Profile - 15926


All is it takes is to cut the coils, shave the door handles, and add a set of Lancers.


1955 Buick Mild Custom • owned by Shane Monopoli of Exclusive ...

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Wow, tough act to follow...


I was able to get my survivor '64 out for a quick run today. Although Alberta just opened Stage 2 of the pandemic which includes theatres, this theatre was still closed, and made for some easy quick pics...


Normally that playbill on the wall would be updated pretty regularly...



Riv-June2020 - 1.jpg

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15 hours ago, RivNut said:

Any more info on the 54?

Power windows, power seats (original), amazingly, the inside is pretty original other than the seat coverings and paint. All the gauges work and are original. Not a bad car purchased for $200 in the early 90s. Engine has never been rebuilt, at least since my dad purchased it.

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