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Post some pics of your Rivieras!!!!!!!!!!


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Typical company car at the airport en route to customer an early Monday morning.

Now waiting for my return flight with a pair of Rayban's and a package of Marlboros in the glove box. Good day at work.... :)


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G'day Tony.


We had a chat at the NRMA show last Summer where you had your 71 on display (also Awsome).

Hopefully one day I will get mine looking nearly as good as yours. At the moment I am working on preparing the floor for a re-carpet. Today I pulled up about a square metre of Dynamat . WHAT A @#$%%@@! NIGHTMARE getting that stuff off. just as well I did though as the rust and water underneath was a disaster waiting to happen.

Glad I'm not alone down here, Keep up the good work


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Does your heater work? Before you replace the carpets you may want to consider replacing the heater core in case that's what caused the water and rust on the floors. Bugger of a job but nice having a heater. We just did 4600 km including 18 days in Tassie and it was nice and warm with a heater.

I've done a pictgure gallery on replacing the core if you need it.

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Here is the 65 my dad had back in the 60s when my parents were dating. In a field of Wildcats, Lesabres and Skylarks, this was his favorite car....


Here is the 64 I bought my dad since I knew he would never get something like this on his own. After I drove 10 hours to Pennsylvania I found out it was an original Super Wildcat dual quad car....

This winters project is new springs, shocks, and steering components refresh. We have been hitting the car show circuit the past few years. This was the first car show, at a Chevy dealer. And the first trophy - "Best of the 60s". As usual, we were the only Riviera in the show and beat out a ton of Chevelles, Corvettes, and Camaros.



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Gorgeous is not a strong enough word. First Gen's just look so right in Black. So much so, when I finally get around to doing the frame off restoration on my 65 GS, I think I will do a color change from it's original Sahara Mist to Regal Black, but I'll keep the Saddle interior.

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