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Post some pics of your Rivieras!!!!!!!!!!


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Even my wife went "Wow!" when I showed her your '67. She likes it better than my '64! Gorgeous.


Many thanks, Brian! I poked around and saw the pics of your '64...OUTSTANDING! In my opinion, white only works on "certain" cars... That being said, YOURS is one of those cars! The wheels you chose add the perfect amount of attitude to a car with such elegance!

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The "wheels" Michael chose are the OE cast aluminum wheel covers that were an option in '63 and '64. The '63 covers were all natural aluminum and had a silver Buick tri-shield in the center of a black cap on the knock off (which is separate from the aluminum cover - to remove a wheel, you had to take off the knock off, remove the lug nuts, lay the tire/wheel face down, and unbolt the aluminum cover.) The '64 covers were painted between the "turbine fins" and the center cap had the Riviera R on it; again silver on black.


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Here is a picture of my 65 Gran Sport by itself and also with another 65. The second picture was taken at the Washington State 2011 All Buick Open, where mine won Best of Show and the black one won People's Choice. First time the top two awards went to Riviera's in the 18 year history of the show.



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Sad to see this one leaving! Luckily there is another waiting!


Peter Hoemsen ROA # 6910


Is that a white deluxe interior on the flame red GS? If so, please post additional photos; very rare color combo.


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it's nice to see all the beautifully restored Rivs. Mine is on the second half restoring the underworld as I call it. The only word that came to mind when looking up from below was "unbelievable". The stories are true that moisture does get underneath rubberized undercoating in spots but thankfully it is only surface rust. To my amazement the brake lines appear to be stainless, just hope all the other lines are too. The frame is being removed for blasting and epoxy.post-58922-143138908512_thumb.jpg










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A short(ish) history.....The Same owner in Portland Oregon from 1963-2006. I have all the service receipts, owners manual etc. Where it lived from 2006-2011 is a mystery (maybe someone can help here). Turned up at Chequered Flag Auto Marina del Ray CA in 2011 where it was purchased and brought to Australia. I have owned her since Nov 11.







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Here's the best photo I have of my first car. 1985 Riviera that I bought off a car dealer's son who's dad had bought it for him brand new in '85. It had basically every option you could get. I rolled it over 200K before I finally had to part with it...great car.


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This 63 has been with me since the mid 70's; others have come and gone but I kept my first Riviera. It was originally Marlin Blue, repainted white for more contrast to the midnight blue interior.





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You're 5.0 Liter engine is a 307 Oldsmobile. The 307 became a GM mainstay over many years. YOur transmission has the standard BOP bellhousing. Originally the RIvs came out with a 350. I've also seen Rivs from this generation with 403's in them. Olds engines can be indentified my the distributor in the rear, and a tall oil filler tube at the front of the block. Just use the correct carburetor and exhaust system and almost any Olds motor should be a bolt in. You'll get a better response to your question if you delete your original post and start a new thread. This thread is pretty old and not as many people might view it as you'd hope and your question hijacks the original intent of the posts.


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My Brother-in-law, Leif, finally bought his dream "Yankee Car" - this beautiful 1965 Riv GS in Holland, from a friend of "75RivGS"

BELOW: Here's a link to a thread that has some pics of her in Holland:


And here she is in the snow, at her new home, Sweden, with my Viking brother-in-law in the background. I have to say that it wouldn't be a proper Swedish picture without the obligatory snow.




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Here is my '67. It started and ran with very little coaxing and the tranny is as smooth as silk. The last time it was tagged was '94 according to the tag we found in the trunk, when we got it open. The previous owner couldn't find the keys nor could he remember what year he parked it. (Pretty sure it isn't stolen!:D) The back brakes were brand new, the pads had never touched the drums, but the brake fluid had crystalized in the hose and I have a new one on hand that I will instal today.

I do have one HUGE PROBLEM that I would appreciate y'alls input and solutions. My head hits the roof when I sit in it. It never occured to me that I wouldn't be able to sit in the thing before I bought it so I didn't try it on as I normally would before shelling out money. (I'm 6'8") It has a bench/bucket seat set-up with an arm rest. Your input will be greatly appreciated as my intent is to make this car my everyday driver.





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