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THANKS to this forum!

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We were gifted our TC in 2007, upon the death of a neighbor. It's an 89 2.2 turbo, auto, maroon/maroon, with 79,000 miles currently. It had not been driven/started for 3 years. After some work, we got her running. All our other vehichles are G.M. - this is our only Chrysler.

We have referred to this forum numerous times and consider it our go-to resource for help/info on this car, and we own the factory service manual. In the past Hemi helped us with a brake accummulator problem - with outstanding, spot-on advise and exacting information!

Today was researching site because car would not start....found info about hep....removed and planned to buy new....put old one back in (with dielectric grease) to run some other tests and - VOILA - car starts! Previously, one plug had grease, one did not. Continuing research on original problem; ignition cutting out intermittently while driving, sometimes causing to stall; perhaps may still be the hep causing the trouble; lots more posts to read....

Seems it's time we joined this forum! A HUGE thank you to all who post with answers to the querries.....Knowledge is APPRECIATED

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I am always suspicious of a 20+ year old fuel pump that has sat for years without running. Usually tho, the car will stall (it *feels* like iginition cutting out, very tough to discern fuel cutout from ignition cutout) and not restart until it 'rests' for a few minutes. It always gets worse over the next few hours/days if it's the pump. If you do need to change the pump, don't pay $300+ dealer prices. The Racers Edge (TRE) on Ebay has quality turbo capable pumps for about $89.


BTW your car color is Royal Cabernet/Bordeaux;)

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Welcome to the Forum! I'm a GM fan as well, but when I saw the TC I now own, it was love at first sight. It's now a member of the family and will be until...

The folks here are very helpful. You might want to consider the TC Club of America, (TCA).

Enjoy the TC!


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