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At last, Perter Mullin's impressive collection of French cars is open to the public in Oxnard, California (about sixty miles west of Los Angeles). This includes what must be the largest Bugatti collection outside France. Everything is displayed in the completely remodeled home of the former Otis Chandler collection. A friend who works with car photographer Michael Furman says a new book of Furman's photos of the collection will be published soon.

This collection represents the higher segment of high-end cars. I think I spied a little Peugeot Bébé (a tiny car designed by Bugatti), however! I'd sure like to visit this museum when I am next in California!


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The Mullin Collection has been added to my "Bucket List", I would think a full day would be needed to really view the collection. GREAT collections are built by people with a passion for what they collect, this one is a must see.

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