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Tremendous Long Shot in Jersey


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OK Buick People: I know this might be a pipe dream but I would like to trace the whereabouts of my family's 60 Buick and ultimately re-purchase it. As some of you may know, this car was the inspiration for my Buick collection so it would mean quite a bit to me if this could happen.

Here's the info and if someone could help I'd be eternally grateful.

1960 LeSabre, Titian Red with a gray interior, early production.

VIN# 4G3001246. From what I remember, it was a demo at Maple Buick In South Orange, NJ and my parents purchased the car from them in September 1960. They kept it until June of 1966 and traded it in at O'Donnell Buick, Moristown, NJ. O'Donnell had no used car lot so the car was wholesaled at that time. Last sighting was in West Orange about 1969.

I'm guessing that it went to one of the small car lots in the Newark area and possibly, could have been junked around the last time I saw it in 69 but there is ALWAYS that possibility that it still may exist. So...........if the vin number could be run and something comes up..........Oh boy!!!

Thanks for reading this and thanks for your help. Mitch

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OK George: It was a Titian red 2 dr. ht. I tried the lost registry but to no avail. I think my only shot other than an actual sighting would be to have someone who is able to, run the vin# and see what comes up. As long as it were proper I would pay what that service costs too. Mitch

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Guest furious

Just came across a B60 Titian Red convertible not far from where I live. Its a bit crusty. Still investigating.

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