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new side pipes w/dual side turn outs

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I'm a little more flexible on mods than some. For the TC, I think side vents would have been a good option. In fact, I have been tempted to go looking for a set of Quattroporte vents (the little square ones).

Anyone else try some vents on their ride?

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I really like the work and time and effort that went into this car. It may not be exactly stock... but I'm liking the side pipes a lot especially if functional, but seem kind of a waste, sound wise, without without a nice V8 at the other end??

Really though...a really sharp ride!

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I just got a 1991 TC. Do you know of anyone who works on them in N. CA? I need some brake work and can't find parts or a mechanic. It was my aunts and I really want to get it going. Any advise?

Thanks P.S. I really like the photos. Great job!


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Welcome to the thread. Hoope you enjoy the car!

I'm in Newfoundland, Canada, so I cannot be of much help finding a mechanic, but someone here will certainly be of assistance. I sent you a PM.

Have you considered joining TC America? Lots of help in the club.


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