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Working on my 38 Dodge

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post-60325-143142921734_thumb.jpgpost-60325-143142921734_thumb.jpgOK, been working on the car.Got the back bottom finished.Went down to Dodge City with my friend Jim.And we spent the day With Dave ,Had a great time.Going back as soon as I get some time.I got the banjo wheel and some tail light lens from dave.I just finished restoring the wheel .Thanks Dave !This week I'll be woodgraining the dash and moldings.I'll post photos of them when finished.I have also finished the hand brake, steering tube,wind wings.Iam trying to get all the small stuff done now.P.S. if you need something for your Dodge or Plymouth,Mopar Call Dave at Dodge City Vintage.




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post-60325-143142937632_thumb.jpgpost-60325-143142937632_thumb.jpgFinished the woodgraining today. Came out nice.Next I'll wet sand with 1500 and then 2 or 3 more coats of clear. Up next is finish up rear springs and bushings and install new rearend. Then run brake lines. Cheers



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Thanks, In the olden days I used an old paint brushs, sponge, #2 pencil, cheese cloth, cellophane to do the graining. Yes Doug, It's so nice to work with it. Still takes a lot of time, but not as much. The glove box will be the hardest part. But it will payoff in the end. And Iam not even restoring this car to stock.

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post-60325-143143001197_thumb.jpgWent out to work on the Boznetic coupe today,but the Beast said clean me up.So out in the sun it came. Man was it a dusty. I think I'll fire her up this week.OH, and I did get some work done on the coupe.But not much.


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Doing my last fitting of the sheet metal . And then primer & paint. Hope to have color on in a month or so. Going down to see Dave at Dodge city soon. He thinks he has what I need. Nice drive down HWY 49 to Jamestown. Cheers


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