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Working on my 38 Dodge

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I'll be getting a new knee.My friends from Australia where to come this year, but they to are have to much on ther plate. So next year.The guy a restore with ,he will be there.And with my list!

Wheels or steering wheels?If its banjo,I'll take 2 please.Dont want to look greedy.And whats for dinner this year?

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I finnished the Blindback sedan.And the 30 coupe came back to fit the body panels one more time .then the wood gets installed.My wife is out picking grapes today at our friends vinyard, Oro Vista vinyards.She's a home wine maker.So I had the morning to my self! Got the floor pan done.Take a look.

Then back on the rad sheel.Sand blasted it .Stay Tuned



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Had a great time at the concours today.Went with our friends Jim and Rose.Ran in other freinds.Saw cars I had never seen before.This is a show you have to see.The grounds are just fantastic.They have lots of concerts here too.I think next year Jim and I will bring a couple of cars.Its just northern californa laidback.Cheers











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Hey Doug,I gave your swap space # to my friend Charley.I told him you would have 2 or 3 nos banjo wheels and tail lights for me.$10 dollars wright?

Hope the weather is good for you guys this year.And don't eat to much of that chicken!


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Well ,I got my new knee.Ouch!Hope to be back out to the shop in a week or so.I set the shop up so I could go out and sit and weld .With out having to move to much.

Now I was thinking?This is a question for all of you scallers out there.Now that I have Tytaium for a knee,Am I stock or a hot rod?Before, it was hard to make it to the mail box.Now I can walk all day,and at speed.

Let me know.In the fast line ,Dave

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Both knees!yikes!And modified it is.I like that.

I cant get to my computer in my office,but when I do I will try and find pix of the truck.Its a 35 Dodge ranch truck from Montana.Comes with us to Bonneville every year as the push truck.And Langdons sales castiron headers for the Dodge /Plymouth flaty 6.You can see them in my first photos.They are very nice.

Doug,How was Hershy?My friend didn't make it over to your spot.He also could not find any 10 dollar nos Chrysler banjo wheels.He said it was one of the best ones he had been too.Bought lot of model A stuff.Cheers

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Hi All! Well I made it out to the shop today.First time sense the new knee was installed about 4 weeks ago.I can work about one and a half hours ,then put the leg up for a rest.

I dont have time for the Dodge wright now as Iam 4 weeks behind.Iam doing a 25 Chevy sedan .When it came to us, all it needed was some top wood.Our pattern make saved 4 pieces of wood from the hole car.Any way ended up a ground up restoration.Here are some pix of the drivers door.It had wood screws holding it on.I fab up the inside pieces that where missing and welded up all the holes and cracks.And that was my hole day!

Its good to be out in the shop again.Thanks all.






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Iam just getting back up to speed after the black smith & the horse doctor put a new knee in for me.I have not had time to work on the Dodge,just working on the 25 chevy. when I get caught up I will get back on it.But I did get some of the nickel plating back.It looks better here then in the photo.

Stay Tuned,Cheers


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post-60325-143142722578_thumb.jpgWell I had forgot about this build page.Been a long time.Lots has happened.Anyway have been making progress on the old coupe.Lots of metal work.I wanted to show the derusting of the tail lights.I have been looking for a set of 38 Dodge tail lights for years! I have Plymouth ,3 of them .I found these on ebay,and had a friend pay the Buy it now price.I was at the LA roadster show & swap meet this year and found 2 sets.The first set ,the guy wanted $1000 bucks .I told him ,he was more in love with them than I very would be.And almost the same for the other set. Back to the lights.I have a sand blast box,but you can't get in behind small steps. So put them in apple vineager for two days.And rust be gone.Wash with soap & water.And metal prep,primer.I'll post more pix on the rust repair.Coming along good.Cheers




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