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Some good ones are still out there; 1934 Packard Eight

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Some time ago, pics were posted of a car whose deal was still in the works.

Not so much a barn find as a Time Warp car, this '34 Packard Eight Coupe

Roadster was pictured in Burlington, VT, in 1951; the car is the Standard

version with single rear-mounted spare, versus the DeLuxe's trunk rack

and dual sidemounts.


Astonishingly, the car has gone through a series of owners since then in

the same exact condition, with some expected deterioration. From what

we can tell, VT, PA, RI, NY, and finally, MD, is the circle since '51. The car's data

plate has no engraved Sold & Delivered to info, so its origins remain unknown,

and the PAC '34 Roster Keeper was unaware of it till now.

We think the mousy brown is an early repaint, with the dark gray underneath

being the car's original color. Standard Packard hues of the day were rather

somber, but the Ditz-Lac chart below displays some really lively optional colors.



The VT owner liked the 17-year-old used car enough to have postcards & 8x10

glossies made of it, found at Walter Miller's Autolit.com (where does he get this

stuff?), but "ECM" had mis-labelled it as a Super Eight.

Fast-forward to 2010, and the car was in Baltimore, bought from a guy in New York

@ 3 years ago, awaiting resto, but with a rebuilt carb and fuel pump and some spare parts.

Moving day was pretty exciting, 'cause ever since a 1968 trip to Harrah's Collection,

the dream of possessing a Packard has finally become reality...


Larger, click once after opening to enlarge.







So now, safely home, with a world of work ahead of us, it's encouraging

that some really great * unknown cars are still out there, awaiting rescue

and revival, and we should all continue to follow our dreams...



TG :)

* They're all great as long they bring happiness, and all worthy of discussion!

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It sure won't be Poulet Beige(!), and yes, the resto to completely original will be fully-documented.

No dual sidemount conversions, double whitewalls or other abstractions, just a nice period redo,

probably with blackwalls. The car had an off-center driving light (long gone) mounted

on a bumper bracket, and the seller included a Trippe unit (with Packard name tag).

Just bought a mate for it, so the only addition will be the twin driving lamps.


Gotta have just a little flair & flash...

Keep you posted,


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I think you should get it serviced mechanically, and drive and show it "as is" for a while. Great find, car is "loverly" as they say!

Okay David,

There's just the issue of the driver's side inner & outer rear fenders being off...

Don't want to be accused of tooling around in a Rat Rod!


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The frame has pretty been pretty well scraped (fairly) clean, but here's the top frame.



On closer inspection, it appears to be a tri-tone job, as shown below...









The car's only been home a week, so there's plenty of digging to do;

what color of primer should I be looking for, and do you think the gray

is the original paint? Can't wait to find out what the color & name is...


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What a wonderful car. Who'd have thought that a car in its current condition would be out there. I too hope to see a thread on what ever restoration activities that you decide to do to it. I don't know what else to say, just wow. Scott...

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It sure won't be Poulet Beige(!),

I couldn't agree with you more on that one TG...

I'll resist the urge to offer color suggestions...But, there are 3 or 4 of the darker colors that I think would look really good!

And, like everyone else...Green with envy!


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