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23 Buick spark plugs, wires


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My Buick is now running, albeit a bit rough. The SP wires do not appear to be the correct ones for the veh. I am working on that with Restoration Supply Co.

I believe that the wires for a 23 Buick do not have boots on either end - the distributor cap ends appear to go directly into the seats without boots. The SP ends appear to have some sort of a covering toward the ends but not covering the actual metal ends. Can someone tell me what type of fittings I need for both ends of the wires and what the covering is on the wires leading up to the ends that attach to the spark plugs.

Also, would I want the black cloth covered 9 mm wires or the oak (dark orange) cloth covered 9 mm wires? Those are the two options for the 9 mm wires that Restoration Supply has. Which of the two would be closer to OME?

Also, what is the length of the main coil wire - it comes out of the coil and up under a bracket with the other 6 wires and along the bottom of the block underneath the plugs & inside of the side cover, out the rear to the firewall, along the bottom of the firewall and up to the coil (or magneto, if it is not a coil- I'm not sure). I can measure and get it fairly close, but if someone has the measurements, & the lengths of all of the wires, it would help me.

Regarding the spark plugs, my veh has Prestolite 78-8 plugs. They look fairly old. They appear to measure 15/16 hex at the base. I do not have a socket that large, but was able to remove one of the plugs - it was not even finger tight. Maybe because of that and the incorrect wiring, is why the veh seems to be running a little rough. The plug looked like it is in pretty good condition, so I am going to try to sand blast them, file the electrodes a small amount, and re-gap them.

Can anyone tell me if these plugs might be OEM? Is that the correct plug for my veh? I called an auto parts store and gave them the part # of the Autolite plug I found on line, #3076. They were able to cross match the #'s and indicated the Champion plug #569 was correct for my veh, & also NGK #BR6S, ACDelco #R43 and #R42XLS, and Prestolite #78-8 (which is the one I have). I was able to determine that the Champion and the Prestolite are considered "industrial plugs". They didn't seem to know what exactly that means, other than they are used a lot on tractors & other non-auto engines. Please advise if it would be a good idea to clean up the plugs I have or if I should do something different.

I am very thankful for all of the assistance I have received from those of you who have responded to my various posts. It has helped me get as far as I have. I am trying as hard as I can to have my veh ready for a car show in Logan, Utah on July 1, 2, & 3, Thurs, Fri and Sat. I look forward to hearing from some of you. Have a good day!

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I cannot answer your specific 23 Buick questions but there are other experts who can, you may also want to post in the Buick Prewar forum below. I did want to mention The Brillman Company as an alternative supplier to consider, they have a full inventory of ignition items and are reasonably priced:


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The unit under the dash is the ign coil. The orig. plugs were AC Titan, and they are shorter

than modern ones. The shorter plugs are necessary to clear the plug cover.

You should not sand blast the old plugs, just clean with a wire brush. The hex size should be 7/8" and the gap is about .035".

A post on BCA Prewar would get more responses.


Buick 22-6-55 Sport Touring

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JB, Do you know of a spark plug brand and part # that I could use in place of the AC Titan. I know what they looked like because there is a "vintage" one on EBay right now. However, it is hard to tell sizes and dimensions from a photo. The ones in my veh are too long, as you indicated, so I need a shorter plug.

What type of ends do I need for the 9 mm spark plug wire to make up the wiring? There are several options at Restoration Supply Co, but I cannot tell which parts I need and they do not know what came with the 23 Buick.

Thank you for all of your previous help. And thanks to all of you who have given comments to help me.

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If you are still looking for a good modern spark plug for your '23, go with the Auto-Lite #3076 which you can buy at most any auto parts store. It's what I run in my 24-45 and fits very well under the spark plug cover.

Also, you can save yourself some time and money by buying a 9MM pre-fitted park plug wiring set from Cole's Ignition in Rochester, N.Y. You'll want it in black laquer coated. Mrs. Cole will make it up on request with the correct spade plug connectors, distributor ends as shown above and with or without boots. I just bought a new set from her for my '24 last fall. The number for Cole's is 585-342-9613.

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