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Dodge Brothers Graham Brothers trucks

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Yes Jason that answers/confirms alot.The remaining question is when did the 3/4 ton DB gain the little cab quater windows and was that a GB influence?Juans 10/26 build has them (on a DB) and my 9/26 does not...are we getting closer? Bill

Here are some pictures of Bills very nice truck......










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Beautiful truck and interesting topic that Bill has brought up. I'm very curious to know what conclusion comes out of this since Juans was built a month later.

Please keep us posted and add to your info if you would. Thanks for sharing the photos guys.

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Here are some pictures of our 1927 Dodge Brothers Four Screen / Paddy-Jail Wagon.

These were used to transport sentenced, felon, prisoners from the County Jail system to the State Prison system. Would travel from the Santa Barbara Coastal area (Mail Jail) to one of the State Prisons, usually Folsom, Soledad, Alcatraz and others.

This particular Four Screen was originally used as a Utility Truck for the US Army. Probably used at the former Camp cook, now Vandenberg AFB or at the Dos Pueblos Military Internment Camp. This camp was just north of the ranch where it ended up. It was eventually sold as Surplus and purchased by a local Rancher and used on the ranch until it died. It ended up abandon in Goleta, CA. This was where I got involved and found it waiting to be picked up and salvaged. I did some quick research and found that the County of Santa Barbara did in fact use these vehicles for the Sheriff's Department, for transportation of prisoners to the State Prisons. I was able to convince the Sheriff that we could save the vehicle and get it restored. It became my project and was restored with donations from the community at large, as no budget was provided. The restoration project was undertaken by the Vocational Education Department for the California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo. The Inmates in their program provided all the man power to complete the project. They used their Auto Shop, Body Shop, Carpentry Shop, Upholstery Shop and Machine Shop. After 3000+ man hours the project was completed and the Paddy Wagon returned to us in it's restored condition. The Paddy Wagon has been in service with the Sheriff's Department ever since, doing duty as a Crime Prevention tool, displayed at Crime Prevention Fairs, doing Parades and being part of local car shows, all for Public Relations throughout California.

Just thought I would share with you all.

Juan (TJ)















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Juan, Good story and nice you have some history. I have a question.....your drivers door open shot is about the same as my truck (page 5 of this thread-red truck).I noticed your lower windshield opens in like mine does. Do you believe this is correct? Mine came that way and yours is the first I've seen that would seem to confirm that's the way it should be. Doesn't make any sense to me as the lower rubber strip is on the inside of the cab and really wouldn't keep water out as it would seem it should be on the outside of the frame. To do so the window would have to open out. I always thought that when it was restored they put the lower hinges on the opposite sides. Not sure...any thoughts? Bill

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I working with a fire department that has a 1928 or so Dodge Graham pumper. The 4 cylinder engine block is all they have left after a member sent the parts off somewhere and he died. And that's been years ago. Now they want to get it running and I'd rather we find them an original power plant. Otherwise they want to stick a Chevy 6 in there or something! Anyone have any leads on an engine? Thanks!

Doug Klink

Reliance Fire Museum | Estes Park, Colorado

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Hi dougklink. 1930 started this informative thread back in May 2010 so although you may get help here it might be an idea to start a new thread. Graham Fire Appliances are a whole new ball game and it is great to see them being restored. I often see LF chassis imported into the U.K. to form the basis of aero engined monster cars. That is not what I like to see but others seem to like it. Hope you find the power plant you are seeking.


P.S. Is it a Dodge or Graham? If I understand correctly, from Jan 1929 it would be Dodge Brothers. Before that it would be Graham Brothers.

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The engine would not be that difficult to find but it may require buying an entire parts vehicle to get it. Post some pictures of what you have so more people understand what you are in need of

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We found an engine and after replacing lots of missing bake and fuel system parts the truck is up and running and getting ready to head back to the fire department. Engine is a fast four.

The ignition and light switch combo, out at last that's what I think it had, is missing. Anyone have one or have photos of a dash showing what it looked like?

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