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Cushman Vespa Parts:

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Do you have or know of anyone that would have parts for a Piaggio Vespa VNB 125cc scooter that was marketed by Cushman in the very early 1960's? I am in need of some engine parts. Thanks for any assistance that you may render!!! Indian Four

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Just a thought, if you are going to upgrade to electronic ignition, I had a problem with the old wiring harness and would advise you to get the one that Scooterworks offers. Even with the schematic they sent it was a bear. Oh, the electronic ignition is also 12 Volts so you will need to change the light bulbs. I figured getting rid of the points was a good idea and the fact that it was for our daughter and I did not want her to have to deal with adjusting them because that is not an easy job given where they are located. Chuck

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I would encourage you to restore the Cushman-Vespa to original specs, as it left the factory. If you want modern electronics, lights, ignitiion, electric start, and enough reliability for an everyday rider, get a modern Vespa like an LX-150 or the Genuine Buddy 125.

My "rider" is a 2002 Vespa ET-4 150cc four stroke. It's an automatic with disc brakes, electric start, etc. I can ride it and enjoy it without worrying about it like most of my vintage scooters.

The Cushman-Vespa is too rare to modify.

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Sir: If and when I restore my Cushman Vespa, it will be exactly as it left the factory. Have been in the old car hobby since the early 1960's and still believe that original is the only way to go!! Thanks, IndianFour

That is great to hear. I certainly didn't mean to insult you with my previous posting. You have a wonderful machine that sounds to me as if it is in good hands.



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