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For Sale: Left Front Fender 1917-21

Steve Braverman

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Part number E-5-1714. I've been told it's a Left Front Fender for a Model 35-B, Chalmers 7-Passenger. Fender could be used on any Chalmers with a 122" w.b. chassis, from 1917 through 1921. It appears to be NOS. $200.






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Guest BobD735

Hi Steve,

I did some additional research, regarding your Chalmers left front fender.

With two fender irons, shown in your photo, the part number painted on the part should read, "E-5-1926", instead of "E-5-1714". This means that your fender, in addition to being applicable to all of the prior Model 35-B Chalmers from 1917 through 1921, the fender should also apply to all Model 35-D Standard (1917), and Special (1918-1921), 122" wheelbase chassis cars, which include the: Limousine, Limousine Landaulet, Town Car, and Town Car Landaulets.

The Model 35-D were the "high-end" line for Chalmers, and many of the vehicles were special order, and were probably given personal treatment during assembly. I don't have any figures regarding the numbers built, but a few of these models still exist.

I hope this helps to increase your opportunity to sell your fender. Best of luck at Hershey!



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