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FE2 VS F41 Suspension

Guest TwoDoorBuickMan

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Guest TwoDoorBuickMan

Can anyone tell me the difference in the FE2 suspension and the F41 suspension on a 1987 Cutlass. I have had 2 1987 Cutlass's. One had the FE2 suspension and had a rear sway bar. The one I own now has the F41 suspension and also has a rear sway bar. Was the difference in the firmness of the springs?

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Guest pfloro

My understanding is that the 'FE2' suspension was engineered for 'better handling' than the F41 option. The spring rates are higher, shock valving more damped, sway bars heavier and perhaps even the control arm bushings are different. I read that F41 was engineered more for carrying heavier loads and/or driving on rural roads than for better handling.

'FE3' took handling to even a higher level...

Hope this info is helpful.


PS: I ordered the F41 suspension option for my '84 Toronado. It rides firmer and has less of that 'boaty' feel when driving over washboard roads.

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