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Door Panel Material


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Anybody know where to get door panel material for 50's era cars? I'm doing a slight custom interior myself for my '53 Super and need the blank cardboard-ish material that was used. I could swear I found a place online or someone mentioned (but never ordered it) some years ago but can't remember now. (Jeez, I'm only 33 and already suffering memory loss! I guess I better start taking my gingko biloba or quit cooking with aluminium...)

But seriously, any ideas? Thanks!

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If you are just needing the cardboard, any upholstery place near you should have it.

That is correct, that cardboard is a regular upholstery supply sold to shops, although maybe used less than it was 20 years ago. There are two kinds, one is thinner and finished on one side, the other is thicker and waterproof (relatively speaking) on both. If you do not have an upholstery shop nearby try:


I have only used this place once but found they are easy to order from over the phone and at a reasonable price. However, in scanning their site I did not find the panel board, you may have to call and ask them about it. Good luck, Todd C

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