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HUGE 'All Buick' Car Show in Columbus Ohio July 31, 2010

Guest 455stage1

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Guest 455stage1

Come bring your Buick and join us at the 2010 BPG Nationals at National Trail Raceway in Hebron Ohio. The BPG national event starts July 30 and ends August 1. The car show takes place on Saturday morning, and there are many different classes to enter...

BPG Classes Judged by 100 Point Judging System

A. 65-67 GS/Skylark

B. 65-67 GS/Skylark Modified

C. 68-69 GS/Skylark

D. 68-69 GS/Skylark Modified

E. 70-72 GS/Skylark

F. 70-72 GSX

G. 70-72 GS/GSX/Skylark Modified

H. 73-77 Regal/Century/GS

I. 73-77 Regal/Century/GS Modified

J. 65-75 GS/GSX Clone

K. 78-87 Regal/Turbo Regal/GN/GNX

L. 78-87 Regal/Turbo Regal/GN/GNX Modified

M. 78-87 Turbo Regal/GN/GNX Clone

N. Front Wheel Drive

O. Race Car (12.0’s or faster, must have a time slip)

P. Big Buick

Q. Big Buick Modified

R. Other Buick

S. Other Buick Modified

Rules for these 'driven' classes are HERE

Concours classes are also offered. Concours rules

For 2010, the BPG is showcasing a 'Stage1 Convention'. There will be over 70 factory stage1 cars in attendance. A special license plate is being handed-out to all Stage1 Convention Participants. Additional information about the Stage1 Convention can be found HERE.

Additionally, the 2010 BPG event is hosting the Wildcat Nationals. Additional information can be found HERE.

There will be racing all three days, with specific classes paying money. Come see the world's fastest Buicks. Maybe participate in the bracket racing and win a couple dollars.

All BPG national event details can be found on the BPG website

BPG Nationals

So come bring your Buick to Ohio and join in the festivities.

See you there!


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