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New Project Just Found 1927 Long W/B


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I Just brought home a 27 Pierce Arrow model 36. The Car had been in storage MANY years. Wondering if it is known to the Pierce Arrow Society? Very good condition, but did at one time sit outside for a time... Just long enough to get water damage inside..... Wood is still very good, so with luck I will not have too much wood to replace.

> </O:p>

Looks like part of the mascot is missing. One battery box cover, Still have not found one headlight ring and lens. <O:p></O:p>

<O:p> </O:p>

Any helpful information would be appreciated.





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Guest cben09

Hi,,,My '28- model 36 had a hard rubber cap /with the larger motometer,,and a Judkins coupe' body They are nice cars,,,Ben

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I will post more photos later... Want to do some clean up and inspection first. I did find that the car is known by the Pierce Arrow Society, it seems the family that has had it for the past 55 years did report it way back when they bought the car. But the history is missing. Too bad...

The car JUST made it out of the garage door...

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Looks like a great project. Does it run and drive? If you have not already done so you should join the Pierce Arrow Society. Great group, I learned all about my 28 from their publications and from the members. Not easy to find parts for any Pierce but they are out there and chances are a PAS member has them. Good luck!

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