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Hood River Meet


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Well guys, we have 21 cars and 56 people registered at the 1st NW DB Region Mini Meet at Hood River Oregon. Chief Organizers Andy & Jean Anderson got a great round of applause tonite at Dinner, ending a teriffic tour today of 67 miles up and down the Columbia River to a museum and Bonneville Dam and Fish Ladder, power house, and fish hatchery.

Tomorrow we will tour the WAAAM museum, stop for included lunch, drive the historic Hiway through the Mosier Tunnels, then tour a private antique car collection. 2 days of fun for a measly $47 per couple!! Original plans were for all to pay their own way to the places but they arranged group rates and saved us all a handful of money!

If you missed this one, stay tuned for another in the fall of this year.


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Hi Dave,

When I was in Oregon last year for the meet, I arrived early to visit the areas your mini meet covered. I stopped at the WAAAM. We need a benefactor like they have for our museum. :)That's quite a place. I also traveled a historic river road. I don't remember the correct name for that road, but it was nice drive with many waterfalls.

You guys have some country out there.

See you in G-burg.

Joe C.

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Well we made it home with the DA (which is for sale by the way), had a great time, put about 400 miles on it over the 3 days! On a less happy note, we will not be able to attend Gettysburg :( We really wanted to and had tried to do everything to make it but the wifes job never gave her a for sure answer she could have the time off, then our son decided he is getting married July 4th and of course we are to be there. We were going to take 2 weeks + and see the country back there but it will have to be another time.

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We ended up with 22 cars total I think. We invited our local Central Oregon T-Bums to join us so we had 7 Model T's and 2 Model A's included in that 22 total. 1 of those are also DBC members. There was plenty of "ribbing" both ways, all in fun of course!

Here are a few pics from the meet. We had 4 DA's there too! The nice fellow in uniform was our Historic Hiway Mosier Tunnel guide. He had the pleasure of riding in Harry Redding's DA rumble seat. The pic of all the cars was behind the WAAAM museum. Index . The Tunnels are closed to motor vehicle traffic except by permit and only 1948 and older are allowed to travel through them.

The island in the Columbia River is reportedly for sale for 1.2 million. It is just 1 of the sites you see from the Historic Hiway.











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Jason, I have almost exactly $7500.00 in it and need to get that for it. Things that were already changed (non stock) before I got it are the master cylinder (still have canister) push pull headlight switch and floor dimmer, push button and solenoid for starter, spin on oil filter, BB-1 carb, and sealed beam adapters in the headlights, and an M. Mallory coil and condensor. Everything else is original, as far as I know. Had new brakes. I bought and installed 4 new 5.50x19 tires, tubes, and flaps and had 6 correct rims powder coated silver. Paint is tired but looks mostly original. Only rust is in rear panel below deck lid. Interior is still all original as is all glass, but windshield is cracked on passenger side. The only reason I am selling it is because I bought a 36 DB pickup and don't need 2, 6 cylinder cars. Plus as most everyone knows I have a bunch of 4 cyl cars for when I don't need to drive long distances. Got to thin out a bit!









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The only tools in it was what I would call a friction bumper jack that I don't think was original. Yeah, I like the pickup better too! It was in the same family for over 50 years and has been under cover for more than 40 years. Last licensed in 1964.

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