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Needed--1966 Wildcat TRUNK floor pan

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I'm in need of the TRUNK floor pan for a

1966 Buick Wildcat. It's a 2dr custom IF that

makes any difference. I have a guy who wants

to buy the car, with the Trunk floor fixed. I have

NOT been able to find a replacement panel for sale.

There is a original rust free one on E-bay for

$450.00 , plus shipping on the west coast,

replacements are around $200.00. IF you have one,

or know where I can get one your HELP is very much


JBW BCA # 35761

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Try CAC, a junkyard in Denton, TX who adverise in Hemmings. I got a nice trunk floor for a '71 Riviera from them. Just don't let him talk you into cutting it in three pieces to more easily facility shipping. It was a nightmare to put it back together.

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