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Car-Hot Rod 33 LP's- How many do you have?

Guest Timthemailman

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Guest Timthemailman

Going thru some stuff today & found some old 33 LP'S. One is Hot Rod Hootenanny by Mr. Gasser & The Wierdos. Found out this was novelty stuff by Big Daddy Roth. Also have his Surfink!

Have Sounds of the Big Racers (HI-FI) featuring Burt Wheels and the Speeders.

The Peterson Museum in Lincoln,Neb. has hundreds of this era car/hotrod/race track sounds. Wouldn't have thought there would be so many.

Wish I still had the album covers.

So, how many of these things do you have?

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Another of my collectible "indulgences" are RCA Victor custom pressing LPs. I've managed to get several Chevrolet, Buick and Oldsmobile dealer promo LPs. Mostly just songs for the car model year they were sold in. I especially like late 50s pressings, about time stereo was really coming into its own. The engineering on those old recordings is impressive even by today's standards. Even have a couple labelled "For Woofers and Tweeters" in addition to the common "Living Stereo" designation.

Naturally they were equalized to sound best on RCA Victor "Stereo Orthophonic High Fidelity" Victrolas.

Shoot, I have demonstration records for Zenith, Magnavox, Curtis Mathes and Sylvania as well as RCA Victor.

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I've got a very large lp collection (about 2500-3000), including about 150 hot rod lps (and another 200+ cds). I have my complete library loaded in my iPod, with over 1700 hot rod songs. The 3 Weirdos lps are some of the very best (Effin' It Don't Go, Chrome It; etc.), having been recorded by Gary Usher (one of the top gurus of hot rod music). A lot of them, especially those released on the Crown Records label, are just hot rod sound effects applied over generic "rock" music (of the type frequently heard in bar scenes from Matt Helm movies and episodes of Longstreet).

The best surf-style lps come from The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean (no surprises there), and Dick Dale (especially Mr. Eliminator). The Rip Chords, Rod & The Cobras, and Ronny & the Daytonas are top drawer as well. Much of the rest (Dave Allen and the Arrows, The T-Bones, etc.) are largely instrumental groups with sound effects. Three very notable one-offs: Rev-Up by The Vettes, Fun Fun Fun by The Catalinas (produced by Bobby Darin), and The Dragsters by Jim Messina (17 years old!) and His Jesters. Also anything by Gary Usher, who recorded under about a dozen different names.

The richest vein in hot rod music is found in OLD rockabilly music. It is almost strictly a singles genre (often 78 rpm), but there are a lot of good compilation lps. The best are from Buffalo Bop Records (Hot Rod City, Hot Rod Rumble, Motorcycle Gang, Hot Rod Race, Hot Rod Hop). Two other greats are Rockin' Cadillac and Boppin' Buick (the cover of which I used as my avatar here for years).

The best lps are compilations that combine both types, since hot rod songs were very much a singles-based genre. The Hot Rod Heaven series (vols 1-8 so far) is great, not just for the music but also for the well-chosen vintage commercials. They're hard to find, watch for them on eBay. The best introduction, however, is the Hot Rods & Custom Classics 4 cd box set from Rhino Records. Look for it in most large record stores, and all online music sources.

I have about 10 or 12 hot rod sound effect lps, but I never play them and rarely buy them. They can be expensive (especially the Riverside Records issues), and these days it's just not that difficult to hear the real thing.


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