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Correct Spare Tire for Riv Convertible?


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I am restoring a 1983 Riviera convertible and bought a 1983 coupe as a parts car. The convertible came with an uninflated, very wide, pancake-flat temporary spare which reads P205/75D15. That tire is shown in picture 1. The door sticker says the spare should be a T135/70D16

<o></o>The coupe's door sticker also reads T135/70D16, and came with that spare tire, as shown in picture 2.<o></o>

<o></o>Which is the correct tire for my convertible? Of course, the spare mounting area was modified during the convertible conversion, so I can't be certain that the type of spare was the same as the coupe. <o>

<o></o>What do other convertibles have? I would greatly prefer to use the skinny pre-inflated T135/70D16.



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Guest pfloro


You might consider buying a new T135/70D16 tire. After 25 years, mine still held air but the rubber was hard & slick. It only rolled on the ground for a few dozen miles now & then. I thought about that original spare blowing out just when I might need it most. Newly manufactured replacements are available & mine is a Bridgestone. I bought it from Discount Tire for $128...


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