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1923 Buick 25-55 Sport Touring Questions

Guest slark54

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Guest slark54

I am about to strart the restoration of a Sport Touring and need help on the following issues

1. How/What tool do you use to remove the valves and springs?

2. Any advise of having a fuel tank fabricated?

3. In the book The Buick A Complete History there is a photo of the millionth Buick which is a sport touring. From the picture it appears that the car has all white tires. Would this be correct for the era?

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slark54, Congratulations on tackling a restoration on such a fine automobile. first of all you are calling it a 1923 then you give the model as 25-55. If it is a 25-55 then it is a 1925. The gas tank can be easily fabricated as they are a simple oval shaped tank. If the fittings on the original one are good they can be removed and fitted to the new tank. Please post some pictures. Leon

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Welcome! It is a great car, lots of nickle and a good color, (dark maroon).

What wheels does it have? They came with, wire, wood, or steel disc.

The gas tank is a 22 gal. and the filler neck, on the right side is only for the 41,and 55.

It also has two baffles on the inside, the sender is the same as 41,48,49,and 50.

To remove the valves a tool can be made to remove the cage nuts, the gently tap the

valve and pull up. To remove the valve from the cage, the springs can be compressed

by hand and the keeper removed. Don't loose the seals under the cage nut.

You need to get a copy of Dave Chambers article in the April/May 1971 Antique

Automobile. Parts and shop manuals are also necessary. Where are you located?

I am restoring a 1922 model 55 Sport Touring, if you have questions, send me a pm.


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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Slark54:

The guy you need to talk to is Basil Lewis, a BCA member in the northwest part of lower Michigan. He's owned a 23-55 for years and has forgotten more about them than all of us together probably know.

Old Guy: Do you have Basil's info to send Slark in a PM? I haven't talked to Basil in years and assume he's still living.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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Guest tom pre

two months ago started on 34 /45 .hadnt run in ten years ,pulled gas tank. good thing, leaking above ctr line & full of lacquer. sent to melcot radiator in selinsgrove pa. cleaned, repaired,relined fuel tank.150.00 i thought he did a great job. ask for scott.

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Guest 23touring

Hi Tom, congrats on your car. I also have a 23-55 that I am working (fitfully) on. I thought I had a good tank until removed it and dropped it. The number of pinholes that showed up looked like the night sky. I had one made to match my original, swapped fittings etc by a guy who uses CAD machines. He can reproduce at will the oval tank in 14 guage weldable galvanized steel. Not sure what price would be today. If you're still interested, let me know. Also have pics, info, some parts and contacts. good luck

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