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Three 1932 Buicks at N. Texas Chapter meeting

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Wow, how often does this happen? We had three 1932 Buicks at our North Texas Chapter monthly meeting today. All are four-door sedans; all have wire wheels with side-mounts; each is a 5-passenger 4-dr. sedan; and each one is a different size or series.

The maroon car is a model 57, belonging to Rex and Marjorie Denny.

The dark blue car is a model 67, belonging to Chuck and Dianne Nixon.

The tan car is a model 91, belonging to the Dennys.

It was interesting to compare the different size, wheelbases, and height of each car. Although each is a 1932 Buick 4-dr. sedan, I think there are very few parts that interchange between each car. I will try to post some photos.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Sherman, Texas





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Great photos and I really like those cars. But then, I may be a bit partial.

A few points to note. Chuck's has wood wheels with sidemounts. I think the bits that are the same may be limited to the plated parts and other trim bits, but I am not totally sure the radiator shells are the same size. Also, the wizard controil are all the same, as best I understand, also the interior and dash bits. Steering wheels may look the same on closed cars, but I think they also may be slightly different size.

Oddly enough, the 67 is longer then the 57, but I know from comparing Chucks to my 57 while it was in CT, is that the running boards are the same length.



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