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A friend of mine recently purchased this 2 cylinder horizontally-opposed engine. None of us know what it is, although we've heard that its for a 1912 International highwheeler.

Note: -water cooled engine

-Bosch magneto and mechanical oiler on platform on top of engine

-two flywheels, the front with a fan and the rear with the clutch

-"stepped" valve lifters between the camshaft and the valves

-casting mark of FC or AFC

Any advice is greatly appreciated.







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This is a type XXIU Autocar truck engine. The s/n will be on one of the cylinder flanges where it bolts to the crankcase. If you get the number, I can tell you the year.

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I wish to make an addendum to my previous post about the s/n location on type XXI Autocar engines. 1915 and 1916 have s/n on crankcase. 1917 and 1918 on cylinder flange, all subsequent have s/n on crankcase cover. Since Autocar had a policy of rebuilding and reselling its trucks, any one of these combinations may exist but the numbers will still point to the year of manufacture. If a cylinder was replaced the number may be restamped on the crankcase cover.

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I have one of these engines that is missing the top cover and the flywheel with the fan blades. I can not find any serial number on either the jugs or the block. I have to assume it was on the top cover. Does anyone have a top cover or the flywheel or a truck that needs an engine?

Bill Erskine

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