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HELP! ID this 1913-16 chassis used under 1917 Kelsey friction drive prototype

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Dear Friends My 1917 Kelsey prototype friction drive chassis arrived today! It was the basis for the production 1920-24 Kelsey friction drive cars built. Mr. Kelsey writes that he built this chassis in the latter part of 1916 and finished it in 1917. Since he used a second hand touring car body,the chassis was probably used as well,and is probably from a 1913-15ish car.Mr. Kelsey wrote in an article that the car was painted grey and had a used touring car body,which he disposed of off of this chassis in the 1930s and then stored the chassis. The fenders are still original paint grey.The chassis is originally from another production car and I need your help IDing the base car chassis that he modified with this rear friction drive mechanism,and probably installed this 1916 or 1917 Messnick Phipps 22 HP engine in. It is possible that Messnick Phipps was merely the foundary and the engine was actually made by Perkins of Detroit. The brass tag on the engine says Messnick Phipps Detroit,and is hand stamped Model B,Engine # 152. Anyway back to the chassis; It is either 100 inches or 100 1/2 inch wheelbase. The wheels have 30 X 3 tires on them,and are non demountable. Notice the front axle spring perches have a second unused hole,like the front axle originally had a wider set of springs on it than now.The radiator has a tag on the back of it that says Bush Mfg. Co. Hartford,Conn. with a high serial # stamped in, that being 13,141. The radiator has the shape of a teens Overland,but has the wrong style radiator neck. This neck is round,and Overlands were oval necks.. The chassis is also not Ford Model T,and not 1911-17 Metz,and not 1916 Grant and not 1916-17 Woods Mobilette,even though the last 1916-17 Woods used the same MP 22 HP engine as this.The fenders drop down on the front and rear running board like those off of a touring car,not a roadster or speedster. Anyway we know from the builder it was a touring car with grey paint and red leather. It is possible that the radiator does NOT belong to this chassis,but was added by Kelsey. It has 2 springs in the front and one in the rear,but may have had 2 originally,but Kelsey may have gone to one in the rear when he added the friction drive rear. Your thoughts please? More photos avail. by email request to me. George Albright,Fla. cell 352 843 1624 email gnalbright@gmail.com<!-- google_ad_section_end -->











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