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Need source for upper/lower glass run channels

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Well, I'm digging into my new baby, a 1937 Pontiac, and I am dealing with some cracked windows. I have already obtained the correct glass, but I need to fix the problem which caused the breakage before installing the new glass in the doors. The upper channel had already been replaced by the previous owner, but there is just too much play in the glass (possibly the wrong size?). Also, the lower glass run channel was never touched (its pretty much non-existant), which is causing the glass to have a lot of play side to side.

I am looking for a source for these glass run channels. Will these "channels" be just a GM part, or are they going to be make and model specific? We get a lot of rain down here in Florida, so getting this car water-tight is a definate must, meaning the windows must operate.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it!

Thank you!

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Well, I see by the huge number of responses, :D that I am not the only one who doesn't know a source to the glass run channels in the doors. Well, I decided to answer my own question because of the research I have been doing. There is a place by the name of "GT Restoration" out of souther Cal., that according to him (the guys name is Steve), he has what I need. He also told me that the company that originally made the glass run channels back when my car was made is still in business, and this is where he gets his stock from. So, if anyone needs any rubber, or weatherstripping for their car, give Steve a call. His number is "1-877-825-0477".

I wanted to post this info here because if in the future, someone else needs these, they should be able to find this by doing a search.

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