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1926 Continental 4 cylinder engine

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Hi, We have been looking for a Continental S4 or an equivalent 4 cylinder 250 cubic inch side valve motor to enable us to try and rebuild our 1926 or 27 Fisher Fast Freight truck that my grand father bought new in Australia in 1927. It seems that although the engine was nothing very unusual, there are none to be found. Can anyone help in this regard as my eighty seven year old uncle who used to drive the truck is very keen for us to get the truck back together preferably before he departs this world!

We have some pictures of a Fisher that was in the Hayes Sacremento museum and kindly provided by them. Fisher trucks were made by the American Standard Motor company in the 1920s. Thanks for your consideration, John M



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Thanks for your interest in the issue, all suggestions are very welcome. My concern is that the smaller car type engines will not give the same character to the truck as did the bigger 250 ci engine. The Fisher had a slow revving motor with a heavy flywheel and a fair ratio difference between 2nd and top gear making changing up from 2nd to 3rd hard to do when going up hill; perhaps not a good characteristic to have. When you see what uncommon vehicles had the S4 or equivalent engines it is not hard to see why they are hard to find now. Thanks again for the interest shown through the above replies.

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