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Wiring question '48 LC coupe


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Beneath the rear bumper, at the rear of the left rear fender there are two wire

conectors. One is a female bullet connector with two wires going in to it. The other is a single wire with a female bullet connector. My cobra stop light was plugged into the single wire connector. What is the other connector for? I cannot find it on my wiring diagram and it is a factory connector and a part of the factory installed wire loom. This is on a 48 LC coupe. Glenn Lorei B6vt

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Someone from this fine group e-mailed the wiring diagram for the 42-47 lincoln

and it showed very clearly what I had asked. It was placed on my desk w/o any indication who had sent it ---who ever it was THANKS. Glenn Lorei b6vt:)

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Mitch, I would be happy to do that--if I knew how. My tech knowledge on this infernal machine is lacking. I can take it to my office and have one of my team members scan it and e-mail it to you and if you can send it to the forum. I would appreciate it. please send me your e-mail address, glorei@kc.rr.com. glenn lorei b6vt

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Guest mitch lojek


I read your post and I'm doing exactly what your saying,but the problem is when I upload the attachment there is a message that says there is an error in the file and then it doesn't post.


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Converting from tiff to jpeg.....

Step 1

Locate the TIFF file you would want to convert into JEPG in your computer. Open the file by double-clicking on it.

Step 2

Locate “File” upon opening in the program’s menu. Scroll down until you see the “Save As” option.

Step 3

After selecting “Save As,” a window will appear where you will need to encode a new file name. If you select the old file name, saving it under that will overwrite the old file; thus, erasing it. It is best to then rename the file. Encode the new name inside the “File name” box.

Step 4

In the same dialog box, you will see the option “Save as type.” Scroll down to choose the JPEG format. After selecting that, choose the “OK” button to save the file as JPEG.

Good Luck.

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