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65 clamshells


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Guest Gee_Rydes

The trigger wire for the visor motor is based off the headlamp switch. If you disconnected that trigger wire from the visor relay, your headlamps should work regardless of the visor operation. Then all you need is to decide what/how you want to trigger the visors and attach your hot trigger lead there.

I haven't actually done it, but the concept seems pretty easy. Visor relay(s) are on driver's side front near the side of the battery.

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My 65 had a toggle switch under the dash for the visors since the relay was shot. I didn't do it so I don't know but if the wire for the visors runs up to the switch it would be pretty simple to pull it out and splice it to a switch with it's own 12V. Put in either a pair of switches so that you could disable the relay when you wanted then use a second switch to open and close the visors.

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I wired my clamshells to operate off a separate switch after burning out 2 headlight motors because the microswitches were out of alignment. This keeps 12v running thru the motor continuously, which in time will fry the motor.

What i did was get an "ACCESSORY" toggle switch bezel and a stock electric antenna switch. This makes the setup look totally stock (no funky toggle switches under the dash, etc.) Most '65 Rivs have space for this extra switch, as there are 3 possible switch locations on the bezel. All rivs have the "COURTESY LIGHT" switch, and unless your car has rear defog and electric antenna you will have a blank spot ready to accept another switch.

The reason for using the antenna switch is this allows you to pull the switch to open the visors, and push to close.

This little mod actually helped me to recover my Riv when it got stolen a few years back. The idiot hot wired the car at night, and drove off but could not get the clamshells to open because the visor motor was wired to a separate switch. The thief parked my car a few blocks from where it was stolen, obviously thinking it would not do to be driving without headlights if he wished to avoid the attention of police. I know this is what happened because when I recovered the car the headlight switch was pulled all the way out and the battery was dead!


ROA #259

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