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1927 Buick 6 "sharp" clutch

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I have only just bought my Buick and notice the clutch action is very sharp, either in or out with very little in between. There is no slip at all which is good and I have been told it just needs using as it has been out of use for 6 to 9 months. Anybody else had this problem?


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Mike, both my 23 and 28 engage quickly. There is no riding or slipping the clutch as some people do today. Also since you have just bought your car make sure that you check and use the correct oils in your car. You have to use 600 weight oil in the transmission or it will be harder to shift with more grinding. Ford Model As use this same weight oil so if you find a supplier of early Ford stuff, they should have it. Good luck with your car. They are fine automobiles, and with a little care they will run forever.

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Hello, I'm from Holland.

I write this with a computer translation, sorry for inconvenience.

My english is not good.

I have a 1923 Buick.Series 23.six-44 series two passenger roadster.

Mijn clutch disc is bad.

Can anyone tell me where I new clutch disc, or good used clutch disc can get.

I also record with the brake lining is needed.

Or there are companies in the USA where I clutch disc to revise.

Are there any companies that catalog have Buick of I can order parts 1923.

Sincerely Catrinus Kielstra a Buick enthusiast

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Catrinus, you might want to start a new thread about what you need rather than tagging it along with another so it does not get lost and go unanswered.

But, clutch materials are available from FORT WAYNE CLUTCH and DRIVELINE and you can always send them your clutch and they will re-line it for you.

Bobs Automobilia www.bobsautomobilia.com has some parts for 1923 cars, but not much. You can download his catalog.

The best source for parts and advice I have found is to join the Buick group on Yahoo Groups. Go to Yahoo! and join, it is free. Then go to "goups" and sign up for the 1927Buick group. 1927buicks : 1927 buicks I am sure that they know where you can get the woven material for the brake lining, and a lot of other parts too.

I have also found many small parts for my Buicks at Restoration Specialities. restorationspecialities.com

You might want to contact this company about the brake lining. http://allfrictions.com/home.html

I hope that the contacts above will give you a start. Start new thread about your car, post some pictures, and I am sure that you will get a lot more help.

Finally, Leif Holmberg is a member on these forums. He is in Sweden, and he knows much about the old Buicks. He knows most European suppliers. So send him a message through the Message Board. http://forums.aaca.org/members/leif-holmberg/

Glad you posted to the forum. Welcome. We would love to see your car.


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Thanks for the quick response.

I will try to show pictures of the Buick. I do not feel much of the forum.

What you mean by this sentence?

Catrinus, you might want to start a new thread about what you need rather than tagging it along with another so it does not get lost and go unanswered.

Sincerely Catrinus Kielstra

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