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Treasure Trove of Vintage Car Parts


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Well, today, I went down to a family property that belonged to my grandfather, my grandmother is selling the property as she is 80 and wants to retire. Anyway, my grandfather, John Frimand, who died way back in 1983 had about 25-30 vintage chryslers, dodges, etc. on the property (including my dodge). So, they all had to be sold off with the exception of the '41 and my uncle's '55 Ford Truck.

And an old tractor trailer was left with many old car parts in it. Fast forward to 2010, and we open up this thing to find a hundred old vintage tires, boxes and boxes of car parts from the 1950's and before, and 10 different engines, compressors, everything you can imagine, and many many parts like bumpers, etc. for my '41, ac units for the '50s chrysler imperials, carbs, timing gears, pumps, trim, etc. and even used fan belts, oil filters, etc.! attached are some links and info about the cars and my grandfather, and I am going to get the chevy engine from the '30's tomorrow. These pics. are after we 'cleaned' it


My grandfather is the one under the 1955 ford f-100:

John MacDonald Pickup Truck Review from 1950 to 1959

and under the '41 dodge bandw pic:

A Picture Review of the Chrysler Corporation from 1915 to 1949

Hemmings Motor News: The Next Generation

John Frimand 1931 - 1983 - Obituary - Tributes.com











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Guest Timthemailman

I know what you're goin thru. At least your mess has order to it. Dad's mess didn't . Buy the way, I have an owners Manual for that South Wind Gas Heater. Good luck w/ your project.

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Guest Timthemailman

My book shows for 35-46 about any make including Cord. Mounted on dash & hooked to carb. Called South Wind and made by Stewart-Warner.

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