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Explains problems with Delco parts

Guest Richard D

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That line should be printed on one of the stupidly annoying "corporate culture" posters that you see in offices of big companies. You know the ones with some nature or sports team photo and a word like "Teamwork" along with some related saying printed underneath.

I'm thinking a picture of a smashed up Toyota (to keep it topical & current) with the word "Expediency" and the Delco PM's one liner underneath that. That should work.


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BTW the image (aoladp://MA29135929-0011/ATT00005.jpg) was garbled and I have to wonder if it was a hoax. After all: "Plant Manager, Delco Corporation". As far as I know GM never had a "Delco Corporation". In 1927 Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company merged with the Remy Electric Company of Anderson Indiana to form Delco Remy Division, GMC.

Since then there has been Delco Remy Div (starters, alternators, etc), Delco Products Div. (headlamps), Delco Electronics (radios & car computers with a military div in Calif.), Delco Battery company (a child of Delco-Remy), and AC Delco Division (parts).

All except AC now spun off & under different names. Since the acre in Anderson is now gone, I do not know where starters and alternators are made anymore.

Now there is a "Delco Corporation"

3300 Massillon Road

Akron Ohio 44312

Phone: 330.896.4220

Delco Corporation - Home Page

but I do not think it has any relation to GMC.

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