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headlight switch

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There is a release on the right side of the headlight switch body. You will need to loosen the cowl, it can't be removed because of the switch, and carefully reach in with a long flat blade screwdriver to release the catch. It's standard Chrysler. Don't forget to remove a battery terminal "just in case".

Having said that, there is usually a small spring clip on the handle although most times it is difficult, if not impossible, to see while in place.

Good luck.


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The button (release) you are looking for is in the centre of the flat side of the switch. This is usually on the right side of the switch and is barely visable with a bright light if you look carefully between the cowl, framing and switch. Believe me, it is there. When you push the button gently it will release the pull shaft from the headlight switch. You may have to jiggle the shaft a bit because if you push the button in too far it will catch on the other side of the shaft. Isn't this fun!!!!! It takes too much patience than most of us have but you can do it. I went through the same thing. BTW the flat blade screwdriver I used was about 10" long with a slender shaft.

Best of luck!


PS: There are three indents on the same side of the switch for the off-park and headlight positions.


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Almost all the switches in these cars are made by "Guide". They are a GM contractor, and these switches wind up in Ford GM, & Chrysler. They all have the same basic design. A sort of a chinese finger puzzle to hold the knob on. and about a 1/4" round button with a light coiled spring around it, that sticks out about 1/4" from the side or bottom of the light switch that holds the shaft.

All of the TCs I have ever seen have had a rubber knob. I believe you describe yours as Chrome. That may be OK, because They can be interchangeable.

Remove neg. battery terminal. - pull out knob all the way -(to give you room to work) - where the knob meets the shaft there should be a very thin piece of metalthat is folded in 1/2, then a hole is drilled in it so when the fold is opened the holes don't line up and it grabs the shaft--Hence the "Chinese finger puzzle" description'

I use an old Choke cable that was broken off short neer the handle, & bent like a hook, or one of those small hooked picks. I put the hook behind the knob and try to pull the knob off the shaft. when it don't work, I just rotate the knob a littl and try again. This pressure release only works on one spot around the back of the knob; so it takes a little trial & error.

Because you have a different knob than normal; it may be that someone Epoxyed a knob on the shaft

The other way is to remove the top "Glare Shield" ftom the instrument panel, & look at the switch, for this little 1/4" button. I have founf them on the sides, & bottom of the switch. Push in on the button & the complete shaft removes..

Again there is also the possibility that someone changed the whole switch to something else, but I doubt it..

If you still have problems, TAKE A PICTURE & post it here.

Good Luck, Lou

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