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1961 Buick Special 4 dr, Parting Out or As Is


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Complete 1961 Buick Special. I am parting out a recently acquired , complete 4 dr Buick Special 1961. It is a complete car and has only minimal rust. I am the third owner and have the title and history of the car. The engine and drivetrain are intact. There is an extra transmission. There are many trim parts in very good shape including the front and rear bumpers. Stainless mouldings are also in good shape. No major dents or scratches. This car would make a very nice restoration project. I have a 1962 Olds Cutlass and would like to see this car get into the right hands. I know that the parts are difficult to find, as were the Olds Parts for my Cutlass. SOME REAL TREASURE HERE!<BR>CONTACT:<BR>Neil S. LeBlond<BR>H- (908) 541-1294<BR>Cell- (973) 583-0032<BR>Car Located in Branchburg, NJ<BR>Work Email: nleblond@statileinc.com<BR>Home Email: Nistlebee@hotmail.com

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I know this post has been out awhile, but I'm checking just incase...Do you have a bell housing from a 4 speed that came from a 215 V8?<BR>Thanks.<BR>Hal

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Hal:<P>Sorry, no bell housing for a 4 speed. Only the bell housing that came with the Hydramatic. Also, the car has no Air Conditioning. Thanks. NSLB

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