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1948 New Yorker exhaust system.

Guest Classiccars

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Guest Classiccars

I find that the exhaust system (a single exhaust) for the 1946-48 Imperial limousine and for the 1946-48 New Yorker and Saratoga convertibles is supposed to have 2 mufflers. But what I have come across makes it look like the New Yorker 4-door sedan had just one muffler.

Did the Imperial have 2 mufflers because it was a luxury car and was supposed to be quieter? Did they think the convertibles would allow more sound to enter the passenger compartment so they put 2 mufflers on those?

I recently bought a 1948 New Yorker and it will need an exhaust system before too long. I would be interested in putting 2 mufflers on it IF it did not increase the back pressure above what it would be with one. How anyone would be able to tell me I'm not sure. I've had muffler shops give me the "deer-in-the headlights" look years ago when I asked them about exhaust system back pressure.


Ft. Worth, TX

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I didn't know the 1948 Chryslers had 2 mufflers. But this was very common on the more expensive cars of the 50s and 60s.

The second muffler was called a "resonator".

There were 2 reasons for this. One was, 2 different sized mufflers tuned out different tones. By using 2 mufflers they could tune out all sounds without excess back pressure.

The second was room. It is easier to find room for 2 small mufflers under a car, than one great big one.

A possible third reason has to do with engine size. The bigger more powerful engine required a bigger muffler. This gets back to the packaging issue. For the most powerful cars it would be even more necessary to use 2 mufflers, because one would be way too big.

I notice that only the Imperial, New Yorker and Saratoga got the 2 muffler treatment. These were the 8 cylinder models, all the other Chryslers had a smaller 6 cylinder power plant.

It makes sense that the most powerful and expensive cars got this extra refinement.

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Guest Classiccars

I found the answer from a guy at Walton Exhaust. They make systems for hobby cars. The guy who answered me happens to be a Chrysler enthusiast.

Most of the eight cylinder Chryslers in 1946-48 had one great big long muffler, about 36 inches long. But the frame was slightly different on the Crown Imperial and the New Yorker/Saratoga convertibles so they had to split the muffler into two separate ones to accomadate the frame.

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