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McPherson College, Kansas Car Show - Saturday May 8

Chris Paulsen

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Ladies and gentlemen-

On Saturday, May 8, we are having our 11th annual car show. It is completely student run.

We are expecting 125 cars of every era and type. We will have our 1886 Benz out and running. In the past we have had 3 Stanley steamed and running all day. There are plenty of brass, pre-war, Classics, vintage hot rods, and muscle cars for everyone.

In addition, we have a guest speaker this year. Jeff Mahl will be speaking in our auditorium at 1pm. He is the great-grandson of George Schuster. George Schuster was the driver of the winning Thomas Flyer in the 1908 NY-Paris race. He will be presenting "Bandits, Guns and Automobiles".

For more information, click on this link. At the bottom of the page are more information and photos from previous shows.


Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Chris Paulsen



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Guest Dr. Strangelove

Hats off to McPherson College for showing the pride and enthusiam demonstrated by this post, their super web site and the graduates of their wonderful auto restoration program.

Here in Western NC at Blue Ridge Community College in Hendersonville, the auto restoration program is being phased out after many years. There will be no more classes in that program for the fall semester. The trustees and board of directors approved and launched an expensive baseball program a few years ago that ended in scandal and caused the schools president to resign. It is now dormant. A few more recent board blunders like this coupled with ignoring the state magnate for community colleges, that is to to offer courses in the trades, and this is what we have to show for it. Thanks to the director of the restoration program at Blue Ridge, many students did get a wide and deep knowledge of this part of the industry and some of them today are gainfully employed doing exactly that. Soon Blue Ridge Community College will have many square feet of former shop space to convert into classrooms to teach everyone dental hygene and law enforcement - apparently the makers and shakers in the current administration think thats what all we should be learning these days...

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